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Twitter marketing is hot. And effective. Don't listen to the doomsayers saying that “Twitter is dead” or “Twitter is over.” That's fake news of the worst kind. And speaking of which, it doesn't hurt the Twitter brand that Donald J. Trump uses the platform regularly cause one stir after another. The company stock has only gone up!

So Trump or no Trump, as with anything and everything online, there's a right way to use Twitter, and a wrong way. Which is where our Twitter marketing course comes in. We'd really like to see you do the former over the latter! With our help, we believe you will. 😉

The President of the United States could probably learn a few things from our course, too, though this begs the question as to whether he would (or could) read and comprehend it's contents. Not that it's hard! The report is written for everybody. It's not some arcane academic treatise. In fact, we think it's a fun read. But for a guy who reportedly takes his daily intelligence briefings from one page summaries (including pictures), the course contents here is probably a bit too much.

Despite this, we sometimes call our Twitter marketing course a “mini-course,” because as much as you will learn from it, there's so, so much more we could have included. It could easily have gone from a report to a book. We simply didn't have the space for everything we know inside a relatively short reported intended to be read and understood in an hour or two. But never fear – we plan on including more advanced and even “secret” techniques in future supplementary materials.

About Twitter

The fact is, millions up millions of people use Twitter because it's a great, painless way to get news, opine on events, hook up with friends and follow individuals and companies that are of interest. It works well on mobile devices, which – along with video – is the future of the web, as we know. The same can't be said for all the other networks, including Facebook and, to some degree, YouTube. In this regard, Twitter has a big advantage.

So while it's true that Twitter's growth has slowed down compared to other platforms, this doesn't tell the whole story, either.

To prove my point, here's some valuable Twitter facts:

#TWITTER FACT: Revenue is up 8% YOY, despite reported business problems. @VentureBeat Click To Tweet #TWITTER FACT: Twitter has 310 million monthly ACTIVE users. @Twitter Click To Tweet #TWITTER FACT: 130,000+ advertisers market on Twitter. @VentureBeat Click To Tweet #TWITTER FACT: 88% of businesses with 100+ workers use Twitter for marketing. @eMarketer Click To Tweet #TWITTER FACT: Users are 3x more likely to follow a brand than Facebook users. @ConvinceConvert Click To Tweet

The above metrics show that Twitter is not just a viable marketing channel, it's a critically important one. To ignore it or underutilize it (i.e. not use it properly) is simply foolish. Now this doesn't mean you'll ultimately succeed or fail online because of Twitter. It would be foolish to believe that, too. But the reality re Twitter is this: not using Twitter properly or at all is going to cost you leads, brand awareness and money. It's really that simple.

So the upshot here, I think it's clear to say, is that you both need to use Twitter and use it properly. That's what this is all about!

twitter marketing course

Twitter Marketing Course – NOT $29.99!

Our killer quality Twitter Marketing course is designed for beginning to intermediate level marketers who need to learn how to use the Twitter platform properly – i.e. how to attract fans, generate interest and buzz, pull leads and prospects, and ultimately, generate sales. Lots and lots of sales over time. Best of all, it's 100% FREE for the taking!

See, we thought about charging for it (at least $29.99), but then we thought: Nah! It's more important that we get the word out on how to use Twitter properly to market yourself, your products or your services. Because the ugly truth is, most people don't know, and we see so many people doing it “the wrong way.”

Twitter Marketing Excellence tells you how to use Twitter in a simple, inexpensive, yet powerful and very effective way. Important note: It's NOT about paying for ads or doing anything that costs money. These are always options, of course, but we've built large Twitter followings entirely doing it the free way. You can too – and that's what you'll learn in the report.

The point of it all is to build a relationship with your prospects and customers, reinforce and expand your brand, generate traffic and social shares and most important of all, increase sales and profitability. Our course is more than just a Report – it features a separate Cheatsheet, Mindmap and Resources guide to further help you make the most out of Twitter marketing online.

Because we consider Twitter to be the fastest, easiest and quite often most effective form of social media marketing – at least in the short term – we recommend people go with this platform first. An account can be set up in minutes, and sans fancy profile artwork (obviously), you can be up and running almost immediately. The same cannot really be said for Facebook, YouTube, Google and other forms of social media (only Pinterest has as simple an initial setup, and it does not come with the ability to “hook up” with potential prospects in real time, right off the start line).

Because we believe in the (very) old Burger King motto (“Have it YOUR way”), we're giving you not ONE but TWO different ways to get your eyeballs (and grubby mitts) on our free Twitter marketing course materials.

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The choice of how you get your Twitter marketing course is yours. Just make sure you get it now, while it's still free, and still available. We reserve the right to start charging for this course without notice, and we also reserve the right to remove it from the market the same way.

Best of luck in YOUR Twitter marketing! 🙂

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