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We live in an age of steady, endless and growing distraction. At any contact with a prospect online, you’ve only got a few seconds — at best — to grab their attention and lead them into your marketing web — or they’re gone. Probably for good. Buh-bye. Fortunately for us all – consumer and marketer alike — technology has provided a powerful  and effective work around: push marketing.

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In the world of today, nearly endless distraction and ever-shortening attention spans means that marketing in general, but list building and email marketing in particular — the very foundation of successful web marketing — is getting more and more difficult with every passing month. The need for something new and powerful in service to the marketer, but fast and painless for the consumer, led a number of big operations — most notably Facebook — to innovate. The result was what has come to be known as “push notifications.”

Instant List, Happy Prospects

A prospect can opt-in to receive messages from you with nothing more than a click of the mouse! These messages, in the form of notices or “flags,” pop onto a user’s screen in such a way that they are seen 100% of the time.

Like email, these notifications can drive traffic anywhere you want. But unlike email, the subscriber doesn’t have to go to the trouble of opening an email app, determining which emails to open, etc. The messages arrive in real time, right in front of your subscriber’s eyes, via their web browser. What could be better?

I hope you can see that this is nothing less than truly revolutionary technology with many amazing applications. It’s why we came up with our PDF report, Push Platform Profits. If you’re a marketer and you’ve got a website (and you should), then you need to take advantage of this technology and formulate a push marketing strategy immediately!

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Even if you are not one of those people with a smart phone never more than an instant arm’s reach away and you don’t suffer from a nano-second attention, you may well be in the steadily shrinking minority. Millions of consumers spend large portions of their days (and nights) with their faces glued to their phones, tablets and computer screens. And all the while, whether they’re interacting with their friends or watching the (fake?) news, they’re getting absolutely bombarded with advertising messages of one kind or another.

In short, people are in overwhelm, they are increasingly ad blind, and, as we’ve said, they have virtually non-existent attention spans — which are getting shorter still!

On top of this, and even worse, it’s perfectly normal these days for consumers to feel like they’re being stalked by advertisers. Retargeting technology makes it easy to serve up ads for things people showed interest in (however momentary) all across the web, ad nauseam. And I do mean “ad,” as in advertisement!

Repetition may well be the soul of advertising — and we can debate whether that “soul” is as entirely bankrupt and corrupt as I tend to think it is — but the Madison Avenue giants of old who turned marketing from a guessing game into a science could never have imagined chasing consumers around with custom-tailored follow-on ads 24/7!

The moral of the story is: if consumers are watching TV, listening to radio or even just driving down the road with, their lives are filled with advertising — quite literally everywhere they turn.

By some estimates, people see 10,000 ads, of some kind, every day. Personally, I think that’s way too many a number, but even if it’s 1000, that’s what you, as a marketer, are up against.

The sad truth is, the metrics show that it’s getting worse for us by the day. It’s simply getting harder and harder to reach consumers with traditional methods. Many (most) of the old tried-and-true marketing methods are faltering. Advertising response rates are tanking and, worse yet for brands, it’s getting harder and harder to get people on your list. The current average opt in rate is between 1-5%, depending on industry.

Even if you get them on your list, open and read rates are at the lowest levels in history and are dropping every year. As of 2018, the average email open rate, across all verticals, is about 2%!

Modern reality has made a shambles of many a marketing strategy. And if you don’t recognize what’s going on, and make adjustments accordingly, yours is also going to be a mess.

The human brain was never made for such constant bombardment of marketing messages. In the aggregate, it very quickly becomes noise. And what does the human brain do with noise? It tunes it out.

Facebook, Google, YouTube and other “new media” platforms are raking in enormous profits by bombarding us with ad content — holding us hostage to ads in order to use their platforms — but at the same time, every single day, they see ad engagement rates dropping. Not surprisingly, either, IMHO. Average ad CTR (Click Through Rate) across all sectors is about 1%.

So here’s the rub: If these problems are plaguing the giants, how can a little “mom and pop” operation, or a single operator, even attempt to compete?

What’s a poor marketer to do?

The short answer is: be bold, be different, be memorable.

But perhaps the better answer is: make use of methods and techniques that are not yet beaten to death. And one of the ways to do that is via new technology, like push marketing.


Being Pushy Pays

Even Facebook has realized that instant messaging gets through. They’re doing it with Messenger, and marketers now have access to this as well. How long it will be before this tool is overrun, overused and ruined for the rest of us is anybody’s guess.

As a marketer, you can take advantage of the Facebook Messenger form of push marketing, but that’s not the only thing you should do. As we emphasize elsewhere and everywhere, the thing you should always be doing is directing people to your site and building your list!

No matter what kind of marketing you’re doing as a means of generating traffic, the end goal should always be about building your brand equity — and nobody elses! Of course, you can’t help sharing some of the credit to some extent, especially if you’re doing social media marketing. But the goal should always be to get people to properties you own and control 100% — keep them there as long as possible, and keep them coming back for more.

Push marketing does that for you in the most painless way — and therefore most potentially profitable way — possible!

Push Marketing Benefits

Simply get people to your site, offer something irresistible by way of a push notification, and voila — you’ve got a new subscriber! Do it right, and you should start seeing your list grow quickly. Better still, your prospects will appreciate the ease with which they can get info from you without the usual ugly opt in rigamarole.

Integrate good virality into your site and all it’s promotions, and you’ll create an extremely powerful “virtuous circle” where new people come to your site via social media, immediately see the value you’re offering (you are offering stuff with real value, aren’t you?) and opt in to your list (without even necessarily consciously realizing they’re doing so) by clicking “OK” on a push notification.

This is the newest, best marketing strategy going today. We highly recommend you consider adopting it.

Once you’ve snagged that lead, you can market to real people in real time — as opposed to sending email to an “empty” mailbox — and drive traffic wherever you prefer almost effortlessly! How cool is that?

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Writing Push Notification Copy

push platform profits pdf - push notifications


You may think writing push notification copy is just like writing any other copy, but you have to keep in mind that push notifications have a character limit of between 40 and 120 characters, depending on the platform. That’s even smaller than Twitter! This means you must learn to write truly succinct messages in order to get maximum effectiveness.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your copy absolutely must be actionable. Don’t just tell people about a sale; tell them to “Shop Now Before The Sale Ends!” Don’t just tell them you have a new product in stock; tell them to “Get It Before It Sells Out!”

Next, make sure your copy has a high degree of specificity. Don’t say you’re having a huge sale. Tell users something like, “Up to 50% off everything in the store!”

Finally, be certain you’re identifying the most important thing you want to say and focusing only on that message. You have so little space to say what you need to say. Make sure to use it wisely!

For example, don’t try to stuff a bunch of features into your copy. Keep your copy simple and clean. Don’t say: “ Our newest backpack is lightweight, durable, made of waterproof fabric, and holds more stuff than ever!” Instead, say, “Our newest backpack is so light you’ll forget you’re even carrying it!”

Over time, you’ll learn how to craft the most concise messages for the highest conversions, but for now, just focus on being as specific as possible while keeping your message brief and making sure you let users know exactly what they should do take action!


Thanks for the read, we hope to “see ya” again. 😎

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