How to Give Away Free Stuff and Make Money Online (Fast) – Case Study

In this eye-opening case study, we're going to show you a powerful and simple method for making great money online and doing it quickly (no weeks, months, years of struggling). We call it Give to Gain, and all you have to do is GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF! You don't even need a website or any of “the usual” stuff that goes along with having a business online! That's really how simple it is.

Does this sound like something you would like to learn about, and possibly even do? If you think so, then please read on…

Give to Gain — Introduction

So, here's the thing: this method is, as we said, about giving away free stuff. But we're going to show you how this incredibly smart and innovative new spin on affiliate marketing is being done, and it won't cost you a single penny, a plugged nickle or even one thin dime.

Well, that's not entirely true, because it will cost you a “Like.” But we think that's a pretty small price to pay. What about you?

As we said, we call this thing Give to Gain, and there's two flavors: Basic and Advanced.

This article is our way of giving back to the web, in hopes that this method does for some of you what it's done for so many, including us. From what we're going to get into here, you could literally use this as article as a blueprint and create your own version.

The one caveat is that this specific method is very special, and we may roll it up at any time. So be advised. We do want to share the love, but we also don't necessarily want everybody and their brother to crib this method. It's that powerful, and that unique!

This method was developed and perfected a few years ago by a good friend of ours (Mark, a seven figure per year marketer nowadays — see income proofs below).

What you're about to see is not only one of the best, if not the best, “make money online” methods we've ever seen, anytime, anywhere — and we've been doing web marketing for well over a decade. But more than this — and this is not something to be taken lightly or dismissed easily — what you are about to see here is a kind of perpetual motion money making machine that can keep you in boat drinks and bonbons for life.

Or simply help you make that car payment every month without worry.

Or whatever you choose.

The system is entirely scalable and replicable, so once you've got it working in one niche, you can expand into new products or into new niches. There's no limit on what you can do here!

Seriously. It's really that powerful.

IF… you take it seriously!

More About the Method

As I mentioned before, our friend Mark, the affiliate marketing genius, originally developed this “little system.” It came out of desperation, need and… frankly… brilliant inspiration!

He told us it was OK with him to spread the word, particularly since he's making money showing his students the advanced form(s) of Giveaway Profits. We'll point you to those later, should you be interested in them. But in the meantime, you're going to see everything you need to see in order to understand how this works, right here, right now.

Another great thing about this method is that it is that it works as well today as the day Mark invented it. Better still, because of the brand equity it builds, it actually works better and better over time. We should know — we've seen it ourselves. There's absolutely no reason to believe this is going to change any time soon, and the upside of learning this method is almost without limit. So if you've been looking for “the one,” we are not exaggerating when we say we think you have found it. 🙂

Lucky you, you're getting the “short course” on the house.

Mark still uses this method today… as do lots of other people who have access to his teachings. His detailed course, which takes what we're showing here to a much higher level, will be available to you later, should you want it.

But you don't need it. Everything you need to benefit from Mark's methodology is right here…

The method works especially well in the IM/MMO niche (IM = Internet Marketing, MMO = Make Money Online). But it also works really well in nearly every other niche you can think of…

Case in point: When Mark started making some serious money as an affiliate marketer, he then used it to go after unrelated niche products from ClickBank (nearly all in the “embarrassing personal problem” niche  😳 ). It worked just as well there.


These Could Be YOUR Give to Gain Results…

Take a look at the screen shot. It shows a “quick and dirty” example of how well the Giveaway Profits method works. In fact, it was $464.53 profit, made at no cost in a few days time, during a recent public demonstration.

Give Away Free Stuff

Sorry for the blurry images – Mark didn't get very good screenshots to work with.

That’s $464.53 in affiliate commissions (100% profit) garnered by simply doing what we are preaching here. Do you think you could give away free stuff for that kind of dough? It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right?

But that's just a tiny window on what this method can really do. Check out these “big picture” income proofs…

$1.2 Million in the Last Three Years…

It's a bit hard to see in the chart (again, apologies… it's a low-rez screen shot we tried to make bigger), but what it shows is over $1.2 million in affiliate earnings over a four year period. But the big spike — and most of the earnings — came in 2016, when Mark first implemented the system we're talking about here today. The screenshot was taken in the first quarter of 2017, so he later went on to do even better than in 2016. We've asked him to provide some more recent screenshots, but this will serve to demonstrate how effective his method is.

To prove my point, here's his earnings in 2017, from the account above…

$728,850.28 in 1 Year (2017)

The chart above shows British Pounds Sterling (Mark is in England), which, at the time of conversion, equated to about three-quarters of a million dollars!

One could keep in tea and crumpets for that kind of dosh, don't you think? 😉

BTW, this is not 100% pure profit. There are some small expenses involved along the way. But this isn't like capital investment, where you're spending $1 to make $1.10 back. This is digital products, which means it's almost entirely pure profit. Pretty nice, huh?

So what was he giving away? That's what's so amazing about this…

It was a simple “how to” PDF. It wasn't anything “sooper dooper” or awe-inspiring. It was just a little ol' PDF.

It's like we said at the beginning: give away free stuff and you can make A LOT of money, if you know how. And you're about to learn how.

Meet the Genius

As we mentioned, our friend Mark is one of the rising “young turks” of the online marketing scene. But the funny thing is, he's hardly “young.” He's not a kid. In fact, he was a successful contractor who decided, in early middle age, that he'd really had enough of “working for a living.” Can you relate?

Like so many of us, he decided to try his hand at making money online, and like most of us, struggled mightily for a long time.

So here's our friend. We know he hates this pic, which is why we're going to use it! Here he is, back in the day, doing the kind of work he grew to hate almost as much as this very pic. BTW, this was only about four years ago. How fast things can change…

So here's our friend, back in the day, doing the kind of work he grew to hate. BTW, this was only about four years ago — proof of how fast things can change…

Eventually, Mark had some big breakthroughs and began to make real money. Enough, finally, that he became a full-time marketer, working from home and making a very nice living. The big problem, as we've hinted at before, was all the stress, drama and time crunch that came with his new career.

None of us leave stressful, time consuming, life-force sucking careers to spend MORE time working for LESS, which is the fate of many a would-be internet marketer. Don't let it happen to you, like it did to us and so many thousands of others.

(And it won't, if you follow this method.)

After all, we get into this business to do the opposite: make more and work less.

That's the theory, anyway. And while this is quite achievable, it's a lot, lot, LOT harder than it sounds for most. In fact, the ugly truth is that most fail, fail hard, fail for a long time (if they're really stubborn) and eventually just quit.

Or are forced to quit. As in: “Honey, if you don't go get a real job, I'm leaving you and taking the kids!”

Mark's revolutionary new method (which you're learning about here) solved these problems entirely. The great news is that he is not selfish. He loves to show others how to get out of the rat race, as he did.

As an aside, we're incredibly envious of Mark in his regard; he figured out a solution to a number of problems we'd also been struggling with for years, and we were the ones with professional advertising/marketing backgrounds! Talk about a Homer Simpson “D'oh!” 😳


What It All Means…

After both struggling for many years, and then making a ton of dough but working as hard — if not harder — than he'd ever worked for “the man,” Mark had an “aha” moment which changed everything for him. It was one of those moments after which your life is never the same again.

In fact, it's fair to say it was kind of a “D'Oh!” moment, in which he suddenly realized how to turn a very time and pressure intensive business into one which could be put, for the most part, on autopilot.

As very busy professionals who already spend way too much time in the office, this revelation of Mark's was certainly of interest to us, too.

Making money online is thought of as “hard,” and it certainly can be. In fact, it's getting more competitive every day. But Mark realized in his “aha” moment that what he'd seen gave him an incredible edge, and one which he knew other would-be, struggling and even successful online marketers would want to know about. Boy, was he right.

What you're about to learn about is the “starter” form of Mark's method, which is the shortest distance between you and profits.

The complete method has more moving parts, which is why we're not going to go into it here. It would take too long to explain, and would probably be overwhelming for noobs. But if you've got even a bit of online marketing experience, or you are particularly ambitious, you may find that you want to “skip ahead” to the complete version as it has the potential to make a lot more money, much faster.

The main thing to remember for right now is that both the starter and complete methods follow the same principles. There's no selling involved, and you're going to learn how to give away free stuff and make money from it.

A Peek at the Full Method...

As I said above, compared to the starter method, Mark's complete method is considerably more complicated to set up and implement. But it has enormous advantages, too, for those who go this route.

The chief difference is that the starter method emphasizes making money from direct linking to affiliate products and programs. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, and if all you want to do is make some money without worrying about building your own brand/site, then it's probably all you need.

But most of us want to build something with an eye towards the future. We want to make money, of course, but we also want to create a business that will grow year in and year out, and even provide long-term residual income. This can be accomplished, to some extent, with the starter method. However, with the full method, Mark's brilliant tweaks to an old formula really shine.

With the full method, you'll do the things every “professional” or “advanced” marketing course in existence tells you to do, which also happen to be the bare-bones “basics” of internet marketing:

  1. Build a list
  2. Sell Something
  3. Make even more money from the list

But this method does so much more, and does it even better than than any other method we've seen.

One of Mark's changes to the old internet marketing sales funnel formula was to stop trying to sell! At all. Instead, as you now know, he would give away free stuff!

It worked really, really well.

But the revolutionary aspect of what he came up with is in how it goes far beyond just doing “the basics” — in an easier, better way. Further, Mark's way had many “hidden” benefits, including several which fixed other big problems in the affiliate/online marketing world. To wit, his method:

  • Established a real brand with lasting equity (value), one which would pay out for many years to come!
  • Moved a ton of product without beaucoup commitment of time and effort — or selling!
  • Built trust and authority for a site, for a fast win at the SEO game – without all the drama (and months of agony)!
  • Produced interest and excitement from real people, with virality intrinsic to the system itself!
  • Is evergreen, and never ends as wasted effort; dead products don't mean the end of a funnel!
  • Can be scaled infinitely, by adding to an existing funnel or building more funnels!
  • Developed a real, sustainable, ongoing business with little or no money!

And perhaps most importantly of all, especially if one takes the long view:

  • Created a “perpetual motion money making machine” which brings in the bucks, rain or shine, get out of bed or not, 24/7 365!!!

To learn how to do Mark's complete method, you'll need to get his course, which is discussed in the PDF we wan't to give you.


Give to Gain Revealed

So now we've reached the real crux of the matter… the nuts and bolts, so to speak. If you want to learn how Mark does it, just by giving away free stuff, then unlock the following content with a “Like.”


To get access to access to the starter system PDF, leave a relevant comment below.
Feel free to ask any questions about the above.
Then follow the instructions…

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