We're very proud of the work we've done in the past, and continue to do for our customers. Below are a handful of testimonials from very satisfied buyers. More to come soon!

Since we don't like to hassle our clients, we haven't, in the past, chased them around for testimonials. Word of mouth is always the best marketing, and we do well in that department. :-) That being said, we're going to get more pro-active in this area, since we live in a review-driven B2C and B2B culture now, and we need to practice what we preach, right?

Anyway, if you're a happy client – or want to be one – consider yourself warned. ;-)

“From dead fan page to way-ahead fan page!”

Web Marketing Services blew up our fan page, which despite our best efforts, was doing very little for us. The contests they run for us and the content they create generates ten of thousands of dollars in revenue every month. They know what they are doing, and we love the results. You will too.

Larry B.
Creative Director

“More revenue, more customers, more Facebook results…”

We’re so grateful a colleague recommended Karl and company to us two years ago. Their expertise and hard work has massively boosted our revenue and tripled our lunch crowd. The rewards program they created has return visits up over 250%, and our Facebook community is active and thriving.

Margot M.
Marketing Director

“We fooled around with social! It took the pros (WMS) to make it work…”

We waited months to act on what Web Marketing Services offered. That was a YUGE mistake. Based on the results we have been getting since, we lost at least six figures in revenue by plodding along, doing it the way we had been doing it…

Kelly A.
Sales & Marketing Executive

“Doing social media sucks! Not doing it (right) sucks even worse!”

We could never get our act together on social. We didn’t do much, and we knew it was costing us, big time. But we had no idea how much until Karl got us squared away. We’re now getting a ton of new business daily, and we’re very happy with it…

Joe D.
VP Operations

“…the most successful marketing campaign… in my business…”

Your campaign has done wonders for our business. We’ve gotten over 100 positive reviews, dozens of comments, and tons of shares on our Facebook page ever since we implemented your recommendations.

Most importantly, this system is bringing in customers. This is the most successful marketing campaign I have used in my business, and it’s saving me a ton of money not having to buy Facebook and Yellow Pages ads anymore.

John D.
Marketing Manager